Levebee in the class

Provide your students with fascinating activities during the lesson and at home.

Levebee is an innovative teaching tool used by teachers and students during classes and at home. The app offers various educational games and interactive exercises which engage students and transform studying into a fascinating journey. It allows the customisation of each student's course to ensure a personalised experience for all students, including children with special needs. Whether it’s a group class or an individual lesson. Levebee saves time teachers spend on copying and researching materials as all exercises are in electronic form. This unique app keeps teachers and students connected outside the classroom. Tutors assign homework to their pupils and track their progress. Entertaining and engaging activities are suitable for all classes at any level regardless of the used textbook. The app can be used on a projector, interactive board, laptop, tablet or phone.

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Every student can get a free one-month trial of the Levebee app. If you'd like to give your student a free licence, click here: give a licence as a gift

After the student's licence expires, it has to be purchased. A detailed price list of individual licences is here: www.levebee.com/pricing

As a private tutor, you can keep using the app for free after the expiration of your trial period. You will be able to assign all exercises to your students' profiles, however, you won't be able to play them by yourself.

To continue using the app yourself after the trial period, you may:

  • Purchase a student licence yourself. 
  • Get a free teacher’s account by buying a bundle of licences for your students. Usually, teachers collect money from the students as buying a bundle is much cheaper than buying each licence individually.
Number of students Full price Price for each student
for 10 students 350 € 35 € / a year / per student
for 20 students 520 € 26 € / a year / per student
for 30 students 600 € 20 € / a year / per student
for 50 students 800 € 16 € / a year / per student
for 100 students 1 300 € 13 €/  a year / per student
for 200 students 2 000 € 10 € / a year / per student

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